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Praise for West of Last Chance
"Our last chance is to love this place.  The authors’ desperate strategy for our conversion is not to lie about anything – the jet contrails, the blitzed land, the ubiquitous junk, even the pigs raised as if they were in Auschwitz. Peter Brown and Kent Haruf also pay attention, however, to sentinel trees, beautiful storms, peaceful space, and occasional heroic survivors who know such things by heart.  The authors believe in the remaining glory of this torn geography so much (which does not rule out a sense of humor) that they ask us just to walk with them.  It’s a compassionate invitation." 
- Robert Adams

"If a book is meant to transport - as faith, devotion, and passion are said to transport - then West of Last Chance represents an achievement of sublime alchemy.  By its end, my notions of beauty, space and time were irrevocably altered." 
- Mark Spragg

"I have never seen a book of photographs quite this profound and honest -- rich and austere, horrific and beautiful -- nor am I aware of any book that portrays the human and ecological history of the Great Plains with such acumen and heart.  Peter Brown's magnificent photos make clear that our damage, our human clumsiness, has not yet run its course.  And yet, in such a story, how can there not be seeds of resurrection? The text by Kent Haruf confirms these stirrings of spirit and soul.  One is moved to memorize his entries as one would stanzas of poetry, or verses from a holy book -- to utter to one's self, or a loved one, in moments of joy, or despair. This is a major book whose implications and historic significance will increase for years to come."
- Rick Bass

"I was going to say that to look at Peter Brown’s photographs is to want to live in them, but that’s not right because the desire is satisfied by a subtle reversal.  Somehow his pictures inhabit the viewer’s brain, take up residence there.  West of Last Chance is the latest chapter of a magnificent body of work."
- Geoff Dyer

"The menace in our lives - the way we grow resigned to an interpretation of life's meaning that causes us to feel foolish and naive for being hopeful about anything at all - meets its match in this unsentimental overview of a place and how it is peopled. The work here is bravely loving, an offering of truth rather than a pronouncement of it. From Peter Brown's measured images to Kent Haruf's hard and tender fictions, to the inspired confluence of the two, West of Last Chance ripples with humor, imagination, respect, and wonder."
- Barry Lopez

On the Plains
"It is this America, in all its otherness, that Peter Brown has presented to us, with its complexity and simplicity, its banality and beauty, its ordinary grace."
- Kathleen Norris

Seasons of Light
"Peter Brown’s precise and decisive photographs are experiences in themselves, radiant exposures of objects caught in an articulated space and an intensely transfixing light. They have a haunting Vermeer-like presence and, to my mind, manage to capture what Virginia Woolf called ‘moments of being’, moments that live both inside and outside of time – or to use the photographer’s own words, ‘each time once, each time surmounting time.’  The fanciful titles and prose accompaniments add a vivid narrative dimension to the texts.  Denise Levertov’s thoughtful essay and spare light-filled poems add a third happy dimension.  Seasons of Light is a brilliant tribute to light, but it is also a rare and compelling tribute to the art that captures, honors, and transforms light."
- Edward Hirsch 

"Peter Brown’s talent seems to emerge from two artistic worlds – writing and photography.  In Seasons of Light, they come together in a wonderful way."
- George Krause